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Based in London, Edmund Lazarus is an accomplished professional in the realm of private equity. A graduate of the University of Oxford, Edmund holds a first-class degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Upon entering the workforce, he worked with the likes of Merrill Lynch, Bain & Co., and SG Warburg before founding his own firm, Bergal Capital, in 2002. After serving in that capacity for several years, Edmund Lazarus found his place at EMK Capital, where he currently serves as Managing Partner.

Apart from EMK, Edmund Lazarus is deeply passionate about education and health reform. Edmund has always had a personal interest in how innovation can be accelerated in the state system. The interest in health reform is very similar. Edmund understands that the challenge is not only to deliver reform but to get the buy-in needed to enable it to be effectively implemented. Edmund continues to immerse himself in education and health reform through various initiatives.

EMK Capital

EMK is committed to helping its investee companies grow providing both expertise and capital. EMK has a long track record of investing in capex and acquisitions. EMK also brings huge experience of strategic growth initiatives in product innovation, applying technology, sales and marketing, data optimisation and utilisation, as well as market / geographic expansion. EMK has a proven track record supporting companies achieve cost leadership through investment in state of the art procurement, operations and financial management. Edmund Lazarus is passionate about ensuring these qualities are prioritized when working with all investees.

EMK is committed to support its portfolio companies develop ever stronger management teams able to deliver the ambitious goals they set themselves. EMK provides deep expertise and relationships in assessment, professional development and recruitment to its portfolio companies. EMK’s culture is to reject preconceived ideas or received wisdom and to instead build a detailed understanding of each business / market it invests in from the bottom up. We are not put off by business models or sectors currently not favoured by other PE firms or where there is a history of underperformance or financial distress as long as we understand a clear path to substantial value creation.

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